Unlocking the Power of Collaborative Project Ecosystems

Posted On 2024-02-28

Unlocking the Power of Collaborative Project Ecosystems: Baker Baynes and Autodesk Showcase the Future of Design & Construction with Autodesk Construction Cloud

In a bid to showcase how an entire project ecosystem could collaborate manage and execute projects in the construction industry, Baker Baynes, in partnership with Autodesk, orchestrated a transformative event on the 14th and 16th of February at the Marriott Crystal Towers Hotel in Century City, Cape Town.

This unique gathering brought together key players & collaborators such as the City of Cape Town, Neil Lyners & Associates, Lombard Consulting Engineers, and GAPP architects and Urban Designers.

The focal point of this event was the spotlight the potential of collaborative and empowered project ecosystems through the utilisation of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

Some Giant Jenga fun - illustrating team collaboration

Event Highlights:

The event unfolded with a series of insightful presentations and discussions, emphasising the following key aspects:

  1. Enhancing Collaboration with ACC: Attendees delved into the ways Autodesk Construction Cloud can elevate collaboration dynamics, ultimately leading to more streamlined and profitable projects.
  2. The Power of Common Data Environment (CDE): A deep dive into the potential of a common data environment shed light on achieving transparency, accuracy, and a consolidated source of truth in project data.
  3. Insights into BIM and ACC Workflow Showcase: Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Common Data Environment (CDE). Live demonstrations showcased the seamless workflow achievable with Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  4. Real-world Success Stories: The event featured compelling narratives from industry experts, sharing tangible success stories and illustrating how ACC has transformed their project management strategies.
  5. Engaging Q&A Session: Attendees actively engaged in a dynamic question and answer session, providing a platform for deeper understanding and clarification of key concepts.
  6. Networking Opportunities: The event was not just about knowledge exchange but also provided a conducive environment for networking. A delectable lunch, a fuin game of Giant Jenga and an informal ACC hands-on session facilitated valuable connections among industry professionals.

Expert Insight:

Esteemed speakers included industry experts such as Tony Abou Jawad, Senior Industry Manager Middle East, Turkey & Africa at Autodesk; Bora Yavuz, Product Sales Specialist at Autodesk; Emmanuel Maenda, Technical Sales Specialist AEC at Autodesk; and key figures from Baker Baynes, including CEO Richard Smedley-Williams, BIM Specialist Suvaniya Pillay, and Director Jani Viljoen.

Presentation Topics:

The presentations covered a spectrum of topics, from introducing BIM and CDE to showcasing ACC workflows in both design and construction phases. Global trends and insights from the Autodesk 2023 State of Design and Make Report were also on the agenda.

Real-world Stories:

One of the highlights included hearing from Deric van Staden from Hodari, who shared their phenomenal journey with Autodesk Construction Cloud. Nicél Muller from the City of Cape Town provided valuable insights into the digital transformation within the city’s Human Settlements division.

Live Q&A Session: Engaging discussions with speakers from Lombard Consulting Engineers (Carl Coetzee – Director) and Hodari (Deric van Staden).

Feedback and Takeaways:

Attendees provided positive feedback, emphasising various aspects of value gained from the event:

  • Recognition of the workflow achievable through ACC.
  • Appreciation for networking opportunities.
  • Value found in ACC features for project management and design.
  • Insights into new products that can enhance company operations.
  • Appreciation for real-world examples and success stories.
  • Recognition of the transparency and document control system offered by ACC.
  • Emphasis on the integration and collaboration possibilities within ACC.


The ‘Collaborative & Empowered Project Ecosystems through Digital Strategies’ event proved to be a milestone in showcasing the transformative potential of Autodesk Construction Cloud. As industries embrace digital strategies for project management, collaboration, and transparency, events like these pave the way for a future where empowered project ecosystems become the norm. The positive feedback and engagement from attendees underscore the significance of such initiatives in shaping the future of the Built environment

Unlocking the Power of Collaborative Project Ecosystems

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