Next generation rebar detailing software – Rebar add-on for BricsCAD® and AutoCAD®

About AddoBAR

Addosoft AddoBAR is a powerful object-based, full 3D, rebar detailing software plug in for BricsCAD and Autodesk AutoCAD®. The software fuels efficiency within your CAD design process and facilitates both quality and accurate production of reinforcement detailing. Inserting, scheduling and changing of bar properties have never been easier. Addosoft Addobar sets out to bring back the local South African ingenuity of specialized design and drafting modules on a very advanced and cost-effective CAD system, without re-inventing the wheel.

Top AddoBAR Features


Produce quality reinforcement details & bending schedules in no-time with AddoBAR’s intelligent bar object & scheduler

AutoCAD & BricsCAD

AddoBAR runs on the 5 latest versions of BricsCAD & AutoCAD, utilising the power of ObjectARX & ObjectBRX API’s

3D Display

AddoBAR facilitates 3D display of your reinforcement objects by implementing a custom bar-style object similair to dimstyle. This allows multiple visual bar styles to exist in one drawing


Let us help you use AddoBAR

Area-Zone in AddoBAR

Rebar a slab in minutes

Bar DimStyles

AddoBAR, Reinforcement, Rebar detailing

AddoBAR Simple beam example

Create more advanced wall geometry with the ability to draw elliptical walls and curtain walls.

AddoTutorial workflow

AddoBAR, Rebar

Addo 3D Parapet

3D Detail of SANRAL Endblock

Stepped Ranges

AddoBar stepped range

Shape Codes

How to use the BS8666:2005 Shape codes in addobar

Scheduling pallet overview

Genrating a schedule

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