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Adoption of leading technology and best practice processes

About i-adopt ©

i-adopt© is Baker Baynes’ unique approach to ensuring successful digital transformation for our customers’, resulting in the adoption of leading technology and best practice processes, within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Process Plant industries, with the intention of helping you to design and make a better world.

Developed using years of experience, i-adopt is a consulting methodology to help clients to:

✔ Develop & Implement a Digital Strategy
✔ Optimise Business Processes & Workflow
✔ Adopt Technology

Benefits of i-adopt


Solve Problems

We focus on solving the problem by assessing what problems exists, why the problems exist and how these problems affect your business?


Delivers Outcomes

We deliver tangible outcomes by identifying if we have addressed the problems as well as benchmarking how the engagement has transformed your business.

Holistic Approch

By focusing on People, Processes as well as Technology we believe this is a holistic approach to consulting with your business.

Includes Change Management

Real transformation & change occur when one engages in the full i-adopt framework. Embedding change is best done in a phased approach, we suggest pilot projects.


i-adopt© Elements



We assess the current state of your organization, project, team & process:

  • Business Process Assessment (BPA)
  • Data Management Assessment
  • Workflow Assessment
  • Project Collaboration / Coordination Assessment
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • User software Proficiency Assessment
  • Software Asset Advisory
  • Hardware (Infrastructure) Assessment
  • Technology Requirements Assessment

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We believe in blended learning that is scalable and customizable to suit your organization, teams & projects.

  • Autodesk Authorized online training Courses
  • Autodesk Authorized Classroom training (when lockdown is lifted)
  • E-learning with CADLearning
  • Project Based training
  • Customized learning paths
  • Customized onsite training (when lockdown is lifted)
  • Specialist Series Training
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Our specialist consultants work with you to ensure effective people & processes, packaged either as once off transactions or as a complete journey

  • Process improvement workshops
  • BIM Manager Coaching
  • BIM Implementation
  • Data management implementation
  • BIM Model health Checks
  • Template, Spec & 3D Content Creation
  • Scan to BIM
  • Drawing/BIM Standards Creation
  • Digital Transformation Journeys

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