About Baker Baynes

We are your Preferred Technology Partner

With years of experience and knowledge, we pride ourselves on having a conscious understanding that we change our clients business and we do so by enabling them to use better tools. We assist architects to become better architects, engineers become better engineers, draftsman become a better draftsman, C-suites become better decision makers.

Who we are

We serve a select ecosystem of asset-intensive customers, across the full asset lifecycle in our chosen industries.

Why we do this

Africa is the fastest-growing continent with some of the most complex and unique challenges in delivering basic human needs like clean water, sustainable power and a transport system that supports rapid urbanisation.

How we do this

We are backed by global technology brands, bringing best practices, products and skills to Africa, delivering profitable outcomes for our clients. Growing in profit by leveraging an existing footprint, we bring people, process and technology together, improving efficiency in the asset ecosystem and improving value.

We Believe In

How We Do This

We Are Committed To Helping You Design A Better World.

Industries We Serve

Building & Construction


Civil Infrastructure

Preliminary Design


Design & Engineering
Test & Validation
Manufacturing & Production
Sales & Marketing

Process Plant, Energy & Mining

General design & Drafting
P&ID Design & Drafting
3D Modelling & Documentation