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Managing projects with automated 360 photo documentation

About OpenSpace

OpenSpace offers more complete job site documentation at a lower cost-with passive image capture and automated mapping
to project plans. 10X faster. 100X more complete.

OpenSpace is the only product on the market that eliminates the time-consuming, manual task of uploading, naming and mapping each photo onto project plans. We even auto-generate PowerPoint reports for you with a one-button click.

Top Fusion Operations Features


OpenSpace software captures your job site as you perform your normal site walks. Photos are automatically mapped to project plans, making it easy to see side-by-side comparisons over time.


OpenSpace gets everyone on the same page, preempting disputes and expensive work orders. It will change the way you work. OpenSpace is so easy to use that many field teams capture their sites daily.


Visit any point in time through a “Street View”-like interactive map of your job site, and zoom in to see progress as it happens. The OpenSpace Vision Engine processes at warp speed —giving you ground truth in less than an hour.


Use our new BMI Viewer to walk through your job site 360 degrees, side-by-side with the model, then create observation and RFls directly Procore. Our seamless integrations with Procore, PlanGrid, Autodesk BMI 360 and more make OpenSp technology your teams will actually want to use.

Save Valuable Man Hours

OpenSpace enables teams to capture a 25K square foot job site in 51 minutes-10X faster than the manual alternative.

How it Works

In the past, I would fall behind, because I typically do captures at the end of the day. It took so long to download the imagery from the camera, save it, and upload it.

With OpenSpace, it’s 20X faster, because the capture is connected to the project plan and the imagery is automatically positioned on the plans.


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