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Digital Transformation Journeys

Digital Transformation Journeys

Business Improvement through Digital Technologies

About Digital Transformation Journeys

Baker Baynes Digital Transformation Journeys are sets of customised strategic engagements to aid in the adoption of digital technologies for business improvement within the industries we serve.

 Our Digital Transformation Journeys are:

✔ Scalable

✔ Customisable

✔ Comprehensive

Digital Transformation Journeys in Practice



Valued customers select the journey of customised strategic engagements that is most applicable to address their business issues they are experiencing today in order to help them transform their organisations to successfully implement digital strategies for better efficiencies.



Organisations experience various digital transformation challenges which have different effects to the way they are working and producing projects or products. It is our job as industry consultants to help you adopt digital technologies and best practice processes to deliver better/faster/cheaper/newer projects and/or products.


The extent of these challenges vary in effect and the organisations end goals are vastly different. By implementing our i-adopt© approach it is important to understand the company’s ‘utopia’ in order to create a customised journey for each.

Transformation is not a once-off event, it’s a journey.

The Different Journeys


Data & Document Management

Solving the problem of data and document management, for either a BIM project or Design project can be complicated and expensive. Our Digital Transformation Journey is scalable, customizable and encompass all of what is required when implementing a Data & Document Management Solution.

Data Driven Design

Data Driven Design is a “parametric” way of working – applicable to both Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Design Automation, using data to drive your design process enables a collaborative and cost-effective philosophy of design. Our Digital Transformation Journey is specific to your problem, incorporating best practice.

Digital Coordination & Collaboration

Multi-disciplinary coordination and collaboration, when done correctly, can enable efficiency and ensure accurate project or product delivery. Either internal or with a broader ecosystem, our Digital Transformation Journey will bring your ecosystem closer together.


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