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Assess Services

Assisting the adoption of leading technology and best practice processes

About Assessment Services

The Assessment element of our Baker Baynes i-adopt© framework contains services that allow us to assess the current state of your organization, project, team & process.

We assess:

  • What problems exists,
  • Why the problems exist
  • How these problems affect your business?

Business Process Assessment



The assessment of our client’s business to understand their processes in order to identify and solve problems improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

It describes the processes involved, parties participating, information exchanged and documents  produced.



Identify improvement opportunities
Maximize use of existing tools and technology
Establish implementation strategies based on business value
Evaluate processed against industry best practice
Measure BIM Maturity


Mobilazation meeting
Interview Key Stakeholders
Review Processes and Evaluate Objectives
Spend time with staff onsite to understand workflows
Report back meeting


Report Documenting Process
Identify Improvement Opportunities
Present Results and Business Recommendations

User Proficiency Assessment



The assessment of your staff’s individual skill & knowledge on specific Autodesk software application to identify areas of improvement.

It describes the individual areas of strength and improvement as well as the group.



Assess user’s proficiency on specific software application
Check where improvement can be made with further training
Track effectiveness of training and development for staff
Use as part of recruitment process


Mobilization meeting
Online Skills & Knowledge test with CADLearning
Report back meeting


Report Documenting
Assessment results
Present Results and Upskilling Recommendations
Customised Learning path per Individual

Other Assessments


Data Management

Assess your current workflows and set up to identify areas of improvement and create an ideal Common Data Environment


Assess your current workflows (Design, Visualization, survey etc.) to identify areas of improvement

Project Collaboration/Coordination

Assess your Project Collaboration & Design coordination workflows to identify areas of improvement

Change Readiness

Assess your staff to identify how ready & adaptable they are for change  


Software Asset Advisory

Assessment of your software deployment for efficient & compliant use of software


Hardware/Infrastructure Requirements

For the most efficient use of hardware and alignment to recommended system requirements

Technology Requirements 

For determining software requirements for users within large organizations  and assessing best methods of deployment

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