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Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM

Unlocking reality capture for more accurate as-builts

About Scan to BIM

The pressure to reduce waste, save on rework time, costs and deliver smarter buildings is higher now than ever before. And the only way to remain sustainable and competitive in such an environment is through connected and automated design processes. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is at the forefront of this change in the construction industry and so is your solution to reality capture for accurate as-builts.

Our scan to BIM solutions help you and your design team deliver accurate detailed data to construction stakeholders.

Scan to BIM Benefits


Reduce Error

Remove a large degree of human error with the capturing of live, accurate and quality data (up to millimeters)


Save Time

Data is collected over a considerably shorter period, measuring thousands or millions of points per second depending on scanner spec.

Easy Collaboration

Data collected is shared easily and much faster between design, construction, and as-built capture

Reduct Site Visits

Teams only need to visit the site once in order to collect the required data

Scan to BIM Solutions

Currently available for the building industry (interiors/architects) which is suitable for a BLK360 & Cyclone workflow


Laser Scanner

Scanner Purchase

The BLK360 brings together speed, portability, interoperability, and simplified data collection in one small device!

View more on the BLK360

*Knowledge of the Leica BLK 360 & processing of scanning data is recommended. Cyclone software included



Self Scanning

What do you get?
Rental of the Leica BLK360 including iPad Pro

What is the cost?
R4 045 per day (excl. VAT)

*Knowledge of Autodesk Recap is recommended. Software not included

Capture + Compute

Onsite Scanning + Data Processing

What do you get?
Point Cloud Data Model Handover (.RCP)

What is the cost?
Estimated 1 000 m2 per day
R9 200 per day (excl VAT)

Capture, Compute & Create

Onsite Scanning + Data Processing + Revit Model

What do you get?
Revit model Handover (.RVT)

What is the cost?
Price based on site square meterage and LOD (*Scoping required)


Reality Capture

Committed to the most accurate and current data to create the real digital world. Professionals can modify designs to improve any site.

Survey & Engineering

The flagship business for almost 200 years, Leica knows the daily tasks of surveyors and engineers. Overcome challenges with field-to-office solutions.


On average, 80 million people a year are added to the world population. Engineers and builders are supporting this growth with Leica’s building construction solutions.

Heavy Construction

From airborne sensors to map where infrastructure is needed to a total statin for as-built surveys, your every need is covered in heavy construction.



With political, humanitarian and financial impacts, better transportation infrastructure improves quality of life. Leica has solutions for all project phases.

Power & Plant

As facilities age, operators need to know how to modernise for success. Leica’s solutions collect and analyse data to help you make the best decisions.


Communities worldwide expect non-interrupted service. With asset collection and management solutions, utilities providers ensure continuous provision.


Natural formations and man-made structures are under incredible strain. Constantly watch for any potential risks with the many monitoring solutions available.


Creating a safe mining environment and maintaining priorities in the field. Leica’s solutions for mining infrastructure do just that.


Resources are being maxed by a world population of more than 7 billion. The best use of available land for agriculture relies on precise farming.

Natural Resources

Every 5 days the world population increases by one major city, straining resources. Leica solutions support those working to reverse strain.

Public Safety

To ensure community wellbeing, public safety professionals need reliable instruments. Leica provides solutions that produce solid evidence.

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Reality Capture for more Accurate As-builts

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