Baker Baynes Stands with the Industry on Raising the BIM Tide

Posted On 2023-02-07

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Baker Baynes Stands with the Industry on Raising the BIM Tide, in partnership with BIMcommUNITY

BIMCommUNITY is a non-profit entity whose role is to promote and advance the role of BIM in South Africa’s Built Environment – to Raise the BIM Tide. Their neutral stance is an asset to promoting real conversations around BIM.

Baker Baynes recently sponsored a Codesa Dinner on 26 January 2023. The dinner was held at the Grillhouse in Sandton and captured the interest of professional bodies in the Built Environment (SAPOA, SAIA & WPF to name a few) as well as key voices from the Property Development, Owner Operator, and Building Management sector. Baker Baynes is aligned with BIMCommUNITY’s drive in pursuing a Built Environment that is efficient, effective, and thriving.

The reality is that there are currently too many agendas at play, we are pulling against each other instead of pulling together.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) has significant benefits for the Built Environment and is integral to the efficient management of all built and infrastructure assets.

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Traditionally, the industry has been siloed, with limited need for true collaboration as each party was responsible for only an aspect of a total project. BIM changes this and requires that information managed at all stages of a project is managed holistically and collaboratively. The benefits are an industry that delivers efficient projects on time, within budget, and with all the information required to optimally manage that asset throughout its lifecycle.

This BIM Codesa and many hosted before with other industry professionals, is about the bringing together of key stakeholders, to craft a unified way forward.

These Codesa dinners are a prelude to a workshop earmarked for March/April this year where all stakeholders will be invited to debate,  contribute and solve how to move forward with BIM as an industry.

The evening was opened by our CEO and newly appointed Executive Director of the BIMCommUNITY, Richard Smedley-Williams, followed by a ‘setting the context address’ by Richard Matchett (BIMCommunity Co-founder and member).

The conversation that followed was rich and incredibly interesting, understanding how each individual in the room struggles, succeeds, and celebrates BIM in their own context.

The feedback from guests was they left this dinner feeling empowered and excited for what’s to come regarding BIM. Professionals were connected with like-minded and not-so-like-minded. Who knows where these connections will lead to?

Watch out for more information on how this BIM story unfolds.

Baker Baynes Stands with the Industry on Raising the BIM Tide

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