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RelianceCAD Success Story

CADLearning Empowers RelianceCAD to Optimise Productivity & Learning

RelianceCAD is a 3D draughting consulting practice working on a variety of complex modelling projects.  Established in 2010, Founder and sole operator, Sean Thompson, has been an avid Autodesk Inventor user, keen to optimise his understanding and use of this leading 3D CAD software.

Customer Challenge

Due to the complex nature of the projects that Sean engages in, often there are advanced functions that Sean needs to figure out to achieve his clients’ visions.  After having attended formal training as a foundation for his Inventor knowledge, Sean admits that it is difficult to retain everything that you have learnt. Sean often resorted to YouTube and Google to figure out functionality solutions.

“As you can imagine, being a business owner and the guy that has to get the work done, as well as keeping to my clients’ deadlines, being efficient is my key priority.  If I needed to figure something out and resorted to YouTube, I often would end up spending too much time finding the right video to ‘teach’ me what I needed to know and very often I was left frustrated by the time it took to get the correct content.”

The Solution:

Being an SME (Small medium Enterprise), advancing one’s knowledge through additional formal training, is not always an option, as every hour of downtime means an hour less to bill. Sean Thompson heard about CADLearning from a friend and engaged with Baker Baynes to understand more.

‘After enquiring about CADLearning, I was swiftly issued a trial, which I could check out to see that it had validated Autodesk content and would meet my needs of ‘on-project’ learning.  I was pleasantly surprised by the vast amounts of content available on Inventor and many other Autodesk programmes. But the aspect that caught my attention was the ease of use – I could search phrases or keywords and instantly I would be given a list of relevant content that I could filter further.’

Sean was further impressed by the affordability of CADLearning and made the decision to purchase.

He continues to enjoy the ‘topic specific videos’, the ease of use, and the credibility of content.  CADLearning is a tool that is now integrated into his everyday routine.  His knowledge continues to expand because he can get to more learning with targeted, relevant searches and valid content.

It helps him advanced his skill, opening up opportunities to expand his offerings to existing and prospective clients.

“Where I would spend 4 hours down a rabbit hole on YouTube to find a practical solution that I needed, I know access it in 5 minutes.”


CADLearning is a great business and learning tool.  It has made a significant impact on Sean Thompson’s business, empowering him to deliver advanced models and draughting solutions for his clients, continually bolstering his reputation as a technology proficient 3D draughting consultancy.


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