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Can educational or student versions of Autodesk software be used for commercial purposes?

According to the Software License Agreement accompanying educational institutional versions Autodesk software programs, those software programs may not be used for any commercial purposes or other for-profit purposes. According to the Software License Agreement accompanying Student versions Autodesk software programs, Student versions may not be used for any training or commercial purposes, professional purposes, commercial […]
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Can I allow third parties to use my Autodesk software license?

The Software License Agreement only allows use of the software program by you, the individual or legal entity who purchased the software program and who is registered with Autodesk as the user. The Software License Agreement does not allow third parties (including companies that are affiliated with you) to use the software program, without written […]
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Can I sell or transfer my Autodesk software license?

When you purchase Autodesk software, you are in fact purchasing a license to use that software program. Prior to or on installation of Autodesk software programs, you must accept Autodesk’s licensing terms applicable to that Autodesk software program (Software License Agreement) which governs your use of that software program. The Autodesk Software License Agreement contains […]
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May I use my Autodesk software license anywhere in the world?

For most Autodesk software programs, the Software License Agreement allows you to use the software program only in the country in which you purchased the software program unless (1) you purchased the software program in a member country of the European Union or European Free Trade Association, in which case use in any of those […]
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