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Can I make a copy of Autodesk software for use away from my usual work location?

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In the case of certain Autodesk software programs, if you have a Stand-alone or individual license (that is, a license purchased for installation and use on just one computer), the Software License Agreement may allow you to install one copy on a second computer away from your usual work location, but always subject to the territory restrictions, and subject further to other conditions described in the Software License Agreement, including without limitation:
  • The second computer cannot be a server and must be owned or leased by you, the registered holder of the license (generally the employer)
  • The additional copy of the software must be used exclusively for work while away from the usual work location
  • The additional copy may only be used by the same employee who uses the software at work
  • The additional copy may not be used as the same time as the original copy

We recommend that you check the Software License Agreement accompanying your Autodesk software program to check for this authorization and for the particular restrictions applicable. Additional special provisions for use of the software away from usual work location may further apply if your software is covered by Subscription. Please contact your Autodesk Value Added Reseller or Autodesk for further details about these special provisions.

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