Digital Transformation in Factories

Posted On 2021-05-07

In the next phase of your digital transformation journey to Industry 4.0, let’s take a look at how factories and process plants are transforming how they create and produce products, staying innovative, and maintain a competitive edge in a digitally transforming landscape.

Before we do so, let’s look back at how factories have developed through the years to today…
Years ago, a factory was a very manual and labour-intensive system of work or process of making things that functioned on a tried and trusted approach. Over the past century, the manufacturing industry has evolved tremendously, using more machines to automate tasks, maintain output, and is now usually a complex system consisting of several buildings filled with machinery where workers manufacture items or operate machines that process each item into another. As the world continues to innovate to meet increasing demands, limit production costs and stay profitable – moving to a digital way of making things has helped many manufacturers speed up their process, stay innovative and remain profitable.

What is a digital factory?
It is a production facility in which people, machines, raw materials, and products instantly share information about all stages of the production process. Enabled by smart sensors, affordable cloud storage, and Big Data analytics, it combines data and intelligence from previously siloed IT and operational systems.

What are the benefits associated with digital factories?
The holistic and real-time data generated by digital factories increase efficiency, productivity, safety, and environmental compliance. It also improves control of manufacturing workflows and the movement of everything from raw materials to work-in-progress and finished goods. And it provides near-real-time access to operational data, so managers can quickly overcome roadblocks and inefficiencies.
Ready to know more on how these benefits can be applied in your manufacturing workflows? Then connect with us today.

Written By Heilandi Burger

Digital Transformation in Factories

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