Webinar: Revit Project Team Collaboration

Posted On 2018-04-04

This webinar focused on team collaboration within Autodesk Revit, sometimes referred to as work-sharing.

Work-sharing enables a project to be subdivided so that a team of users can work on it. This concept is generally used when a project is too large for a single user as it allows multiple users to collaborate one project simultaneously. Since Revit projects include an entire building model into one file, work-sharing allows the file to be separated into logical components, i.e. work-sets without losing its connection to the actual project.


At the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  • Understand work-sharing workflow and definitions.
  • Create a Central File
  • Create Work-sets
  • Create a local file
  • Open a local file with specific work-sets
  • Synchronize a local file with the central file and save locally.
  • Set the active work-set and work in the local file
  • Request permission to edit elements.
  • Relinquish worksheets and borrowed elements.
  • Temporarily show the display work-sets


In the webinar, we looked at the following:

  • Central File, Local files, Work-sets
  • Working in work-set related projects
  • Work-sharing Display Options
  • Best practices for Work-sets


For more information on the above kindly follow the link for the FULL webinar: 


For any additional information, kindly contact Baker Baynes as we provide Revit software, training and support.

Webinar: Revit Project Team Collaboration

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