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24th January 2018
Webinar: Creating Smart Detailing in Revit
25th January 2018

Webinar: Creating Custom Revit Templates

On 23rd January, we hosted a webinar about creating custom Revit templates.  A Custom template is defined as an existing file which contains preloaded families, settings, views, sheets, schedules, and sometimes geometry, that can be used to create a new project. The idea behind using a customised template is to make it more convenient for users as families are already pre-loaded therefore resulting in more time spent designing instead. The actual webinar was in the form of a power point presentation with “how to steps” combined with a live Revit demo following the steps.

Learning objectives of the webinar:

  • Creating a project template which includes basic information and settings.
  • Customizing uni , snap settings, temporary dimensions and types in shortcuts.
  • Creating standard text and dimension types for use in your project templates.


Below is a summary of what the webinar entailed:

  • Customizing the user interface

This allows users to customise their interface according to a specific discipline (Architecture, Engineering, Systems- MEP).

  • Preparing a Project Template

We looked at, creating a template file, managing settings in terms of setting up project units as well as modifying both the snap and temporary dimension settings, views & sheets as well as pre-setting a starting view

  • Customizing annotation styles

This included creating a text style and creating a dimension style


For more information on the above kindly follow the link for the FULL webinar:  



For any additional information, kindly contact Baker Baynes as we provide Revit software, training and support.



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