Stay Connected: Collaborate and Communicate with Autodesk Fusion Team

Posted On 2020-04-24

There is no denying that there is a growing need to stay connected and be able to work remotely on engineering projects. However, this is not always easy and the recent announcement of a national lockdown highlighted this. The reality is that a lot of engineering teams face the challenge of accessing files or project data while working remotely, fortunately for them, Fusion Team allows engineers to collaborate, share project data and create and manage projects while working remotely.

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So how do you access Fusion Team?

The good news is that Fusion Team is included in your Fusion 360 and Product Design and Manufacturing Collection subscriptions, allowing you to access Fusion Team with no extra cost. However, this does not mean that those who do not have the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection or Fusion 360 are at a loss. Check out Autodesk’s Extended Access Program to see how Autodesk is providing free commercial access to Fusion Team and many other cloud-based collaboration tools during this period.

Follow these steps to access Fusion Team through your subscription of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection or Fusion 360:

1. Log in to your subscription account:
• Sign in to
• Click on “All Products and Services” at the top left of your Autodesk Account screen


• Scroll down until you find Fusion Team. If you are subscribed to Fusion 360 you may already see Fusion Team as shown below and can click “Access now”

• If you subscribed to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection then you will need to click on “View all included items” as an additional step

Follow these steps if you require access through the Extended Access Program:

Start by reading through the links below to gain an understanding of how Autodesk is helping you during the current pandemic:
• How Autodesk is helping communities, customers and employees impacted by COVID-19.

• Extended Access Program for Cloud Collaboration Products.

Sign-up for Fusion Team
Autodesk is delivering access through a trial and the trial is currently extended to help users work remotely throughout the lockdown period.
• Use this link to start your trial and choose the appropriate intended use.
• You will see references to Fusion 360. By signing up for the Fusion Team trial you will also sign up for a trial of Fusion 360.
While working remotely might prove to be stressful for some, Fusion Team makes this process easier. Use this opportunity to utilize cloud-based data management to review and discuss designs remotely, a simple way to make project tracking a breeze. If you want to learn or find out, more. Please get in touch with Baker Baynes or pop me a mail and we can get chatting –

Written by Daneel Ballaram | Baker Baynes PTY Ltd | 24 April 2020

Stay Connected: Collaborate and Communicate with Autodesk Fusion Team

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