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Posted On 2021-06-18

Your Guide to Pitching Impressively for Road, Rail, Bridge, and Tunnel Projects

In continuation of our theme to helping you win more bids, we’re excited to take you a step further in the journey by addressing some of the most common challenges professionals in the Civil Infrastructure discipline are faced with when working on road, rail, bridges, and tunnel projects.
To address these challenges, we’ll be showing you how using your BIM technologies such as Autodesk Civil 3D, Infraworks, Inventor and Revit can be used to solve these challenges, and more importantly, help you pitch more impressively to a non-technical audience on complex projects.

For now, we will look at how Autodesk Infraworks is equipped to help you mitigate some of the most basic, yet most taxing challenges when it comes to pitching for road and rail projects.

Model Complexity: If you find that getting the vision/ design intent across to non-technical members to be challenging, then Autodesk Infraworks can help you easily get past this by providing a 3D-rich visualisation platform.

Model Aggregation: If you find it challenging arriving at one model of truth comprising of all respective infrastructure in your project, we recommend Autodesk Infraworks that will enable you to have multiple design options in one model.

Model Realism: Struggling with getting a realistic and immersive visual representation of your technical designs? Then use Autodesk Infraworks to convey complex technical designs in a highly visual and realistic 3D environment.

Model Flexibility: Use Autodesk InfraWorks if you are struggling with applying changes or proposing alternatives in a single model based on input in real-time while maintaining dynamic nature

In summary, using Autodesk Infraworks can help you pitch complex infrastructure projects in a streamlined, easy to visualise, and realistic manner to convey engineering design intent to a non-technical audience or project stakeholders. And ff you would like to know more about how Autodesk Infraworks can work for you, then contact our team of skilled sales and product specialists to learn more about Autodesk’s tools for Civil Infrastructure.

Written By Andile Sikhakhane

Ready to Win More Bids?

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