Level Up Your BIM Journey: The First Step in Your BIM Digital Transformation

Posted On 2021-03-12

You’ve heard enough about Building Information Modelling (BIM) over the past few years to know that whilst there is a lot of great benefits associated with using BIM solutions, there’s equally a great number of issues that come along with implementing a BIM way of working when thinking of things in a more realistic local South African context. What BIM is supposed to do, enable and help design professionals with is often far from what it means in real-life projects.

The issues that slow down BIM implementation and the risk of us being left behind in the international BIM uptake add to a few main issues related to our socio-economic landscape, local government’s response to BIM adoption, and the private sector’s priority of being more about survival than development under the already difficult economic climate. So how do you make BIM work for you and your project teams outside of these challenges, in a more practical, and everyday way? You can, and you can do this no matter what level you are at on your BIM journey, and here’s how:

Implement BIM for better Collaboration:
BIM Tools are equipped to enable effective collaboration between internal and external project stakeholders, which helps in making more informed design decisions.
Implement BIM for better Coordination:
Reduce clashes and streamline your coordination process more effectively.
Implement BIM for better Data Management:
Transform how you view, manage, access, and share data. It can help you make data the basis of all the project’s reliable information that gives you relevant knowledge, helping drive better decision making.
Implement BIM for better Time Management:
Mitigate crisis management and cost overruns through better early planning using BIM technologies.

So where do you start? Step 1 of any digital transformation involves assessing the current state of a project, workflow, or in this case, a BIM Level. Explore what your biggest challenges are and compare these to how adopting a BIM way of working can enable you to transform your challenges into newer ways of thinking, designing, creating, and working.
Ready to take your next step in your BIM Journey? Connect with us today and let’s help you level up your BIM Journey.

Written By: A. Sikhakhane | Baker Baynes PTY Ltd | 12 March 2021

Level Up Your BIM Journey: The First Step in Your BIM Digital Transformation

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