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To Transfer a License

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License transfer is necessary only if you have a maintenance plan for a stand-alone perpetual license. Single-user desktop subscriptions allow multiple installations. You can transfer such a perpetual license from one computer to another either temporarily or permanently.

You may want to transfer a license for several reasons. For example, you may want to run products on a portable computer while traveling. Or you may have a new computer and don’t plan to use the old one any longer. Depending upon the product you have, transfers are accomplished in several ways:

  • For 2009 or earlier product versions, use the Portable License Utility.
  • For many 2010-2016 products, use the License Transfer Utility (LTU).
  • For most later products, simply sign out of one computer and into another.
Note: The terms of your license specify how many computers you can run your product on. If you use your product on too many computers, you may get activation errors. To prevent these errors and the need for reactivation, transfer your license to a new computer before using your product on it.

Use the License Transfer Utility

  1. Make sure that the same version of the same product is installed on both computers.
  2. Close the product on the computer from which you want to export the license.
  3. Start the export by launching the License Transfer Utility (LTU):
    • Windows. Look for the LTU shortcut in the Start menu, in the same folder as the Autodesk product you want to transfer.
    • macOS. Look for the LTU in the Finder, under Applications. It’s in the folder for your product.
  4. Sign in with your account username and password.
  5. Decide whether to select Make the License Available As A Public Import.

    Deselected by default, this option determines whether the license is exported privately or publicly:

    • Private Export. This default option ensures that another person can’t use your license. If you don’t import your license to another computer within 14 days, the export becomes public.
    • Public Export. Use this option to transfer your license to another person using the same product and serial number. For example, if your license agreement permits, you can transfer your license to a coworker in your company.
  6. Start the target computer to which you want to export the license.
  7. Launch the LTU as before and sign in.
  8. Enter your Autodesk ID and password again, and click Log In.

When you see the License Import Confirmation page, print the page for your records and click Finish.

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