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Posted On 2023-07-19

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Dot Engineering Transformed with Autodesk Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Machining Extension


Dot Engineering, a leading engineering company in South Africa, has established itself as a versatile and reliable provider in the industrial and commercial sectors. With a focus on electric motors, gearboxes, fans, and pumps, Dot Engineering offers unique solutions to customers facing obsolete or outdated equipment. By leveraging their expertise in reverse engineering and manufacturing, Dot Engineering ensures their clients’ plants and drives keep running efficiently and cost-effectively. Through their commitment to quality and innovation, Dot Engineering has experienced significant growth and success since its establishment in 2003.

Design Challenge:

Dot Engineering faced the challenge to produce exceptional quality parts for customers who required customised couplings and replacement parts for their existing machinery. Often, these parts were no longer available in the market, and modifying the entire system would be costly and time-consuming. The challenge was to provide the most economical and efficient solutions, only working from either a damaged part or the concept of the required part, to keep their clients’ plants operational without the need for extensive modifications.

Having worked on TurboCAD to that point, it was evident the limitations in accuracy and visualisation of the desired outcome would hinder their ability to deliver the quality deliverable to satisfy their clients’ pressing needs.

Project Goals:

Clive Wright, CEO of Dot Engineering shares when asked why they moved away from their former way of design to manufacturing workflows :

“We sought to offer customers a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire systems by reverse engineering and manufacturing custom couplings and components. The primary objective was to provide the fastest and most affordable way to get our clients’ plants and drives up and running again.”

Additionally, Dot Engineering aimed to improve the quality and precision of their designs to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate rework.

Design Solutions:

To overcome their design challenge and achieve their project goals, Dot Engineering turned to Autodesk Fusion 360 and the Autodesk Fusion 360 Machining Extension. Fusion 360 provided a comprehensive and user-friendly design and manufacturing platform, enabling Dot Engineering to create accurate 3D models and simulations of their designs.

As a trusted partner, Baker Baynes helped Dot Engineering understand the potential of Autodesk Fusion 360 and how it could address its design challenges. With Baker Baynes’ expertise, Dot Engineering made an informed decision to invest in Fusion 360 and later, Autodesk Fusion 360 Machining, knowing that they would receive relevant training and support to maximise the software’s capabilities.

The visual nature of Fusion 360 allowed them to have a digital prototype of the designs, ensuring clarity and precision in the manufacturing process.

By using Fusion 360’s integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) features and the Machining Extension, Dot Engineering could generate tool paths and G-code directly from their designs. This seamless workflow from design to manufacturing eliminated the need for manual calculations and reduced the chances of errors or collisions during machining operations.

Business Benefits:

Dot Engineering has enjoyed significant tangible and measurable business benefits because of implementing Autodesk Fusion 360 into its workflow. The ability to create 3D models and simulate designs in Fusion 360 has drastically reduced the time required for design iterations.

Clive explains, “With Fusion, I just find it so easy to make a drawing and then generate the G-code. It’s just really simple to work with.”

The visual nature of Fusion 360’s simulation capabilities has provided Clive and his team with peace of mind. They can now visualise and understand how the machining process will unfold, avoiding crashes, errors, and potential downtime.

Clive adds, “Fusion 360 gives you that peace of mind of understanding. It has brought the job to life, especially for critical parts.”

Moreover, Fusion 360’s extensive library of tutorials and online resources has empowered Clive to self-learn and troubleshoot efficiently. The availability of information from various sources worldwide has made problem-solving easier and enabled continuous learning.

By implementing Fusion 360 and the Machining Extension, Dot Engineering has experienced improved efficiency, reduced rework, and accelerated project timelines. Clive’s journey from using TurboCAD to fully embracing Fusion 360 highlights the transformational impact of this powerful software. Dot Engineering’s success story is a testament to its commitment to innovation and its partnership with Baker Baynes, who provided invaluable support and guidance throughout their digital transformation.


Dot Engineering’s partnership with Baker Baynes and its adoption of Fusion 360 has propelled their business forward, allowing them to excel in the competitive engineering sector. Through Autodesk Fusion 360’s powerful design and manufacturing capabilities, Dot Engineering has overcome design challenges, improved efficiency, and delivered cost-effective solutions to its clients. The visual nature of Fusion 360 has provided peace of mind and clarity throughout the design and machining process, reducing errors and saving time. Dot Engineering’s success is a testament to the power of digital transformation and the value of collaboration with industry experts, Baker Baynes. With Fusion 360 as their tool of choice, Dot Engineering continues to innovate and thrive in the engineering sector, setting new standards for efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Dot Engineering

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