Experience The Future Of Making Things: AU South Africa 2017

Posted On 2017-09-07

On 8 September, it’s the Autodesk University South Africa (AU) event and we’re very excited to be attending this Premier Autodesk conference for those who design, build, make and create.

What happens at AU?

AU South Africa teaches innovative techniques, best practices and workflows with the Autodesk software – with the intention of improving your business. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to network and get the top tips from the Autodesk experts.

What’s on the agenda?

The AU agenda makes this event one not to be missed! It’s packed with what looks to be some extremely insightful sessions, making it hard to choose what to see! So, to help you, here’s what our team are looking forward to the most:

  • Redefining Reality by Autodesk
  • Generative Design by Dieter Vermeulen, Autodesk
  • Back to the Future with Autodesk Revit by Elrina Mills, Prokon
  • From a Thought to Reality: How Collaboration for Revit Changes a Workflow by Thabelo Netshivhungululu, Baker Baynes
  • The Future of Construction: BIM 360 by Vijay Raina, Autodesk
  • 50 Shades of Storm and Sanitary Design by Tomáš Lendvorský, Autodesk
  • Beyond Assembly Basics – Advanced Modelling with Inventor by Daneel Ballaram, Baker Baynes
  • The Future of Making Things Workshop by Tom Wujec, Autodesk
  • And of course, the drinks afterwards!

The keynote speakers include Callan Carpenter, Top Wujec and Tatjana Dzambazova. Callan has been with Autodesk for nine years and is responsible for sales of all Autodesk products and services to some of Autodesk’s largest customers. Tom Wujec is also an Autodesk expert as well as a popular TED speaker and best-selling author. And, Tatjana is not only an Autodesk specialist having been with the business for 16 years, she’s also a trained architect.

Why are Baker Baynes attending?

While events like this allow us to network with our customers, prospects and peers, they also give us the chance to understand more about the technological world we now live in. As Shauib Yunos, a BIM Specialist explains, events like AU South Africa are particularly helpful to gauge new exciting technologies, as well as the direction technology is heading.

Richard Smedley-Williams, the Managing Director of Baker Baynes, also finds that these events provide insight into the needs of the Baker Baynes’ customers, which of course means we can provide a better service for you.

As the only sizeable Autodesk user event in South Africa, it’s a great chance for us to bring our users together to network and share. I enjoy being part of the community, and seeing how we can help our customers to design a better world.

Register now!

If you haven’t already, register now to truly experience the future of making things! If you can’t make it to Cape Town on 8 September, then check back with us soon as we’ll be giving you our top takeaways. Meanwhile, give our blog a read.

Experience The Future Of Making Things: AU South Africa 2017

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