Rebar add-on for BricsCAD ® and AutoCAD ®

About AddoSOFT

The collaboration between Addosoft and AutoCAD & Bricsys aims to bridge the gap between advanced CAD systems and locally developed solutions, within the South African market. We believe Bricsys provides the ideal combination of a light-weight, yet smart CAD platform, which is extendable in terms of add-on applications.With Bricsys, Addosoft sets out to bring back the local South African ingenuity of specialised design and drafting modules on a very advanced and cost-effective CAD system, without re-inventing the wheel.

AddoBAR - Rebar Detailing

AddoBAR is the next generation platform for rebar detailing software. Our software fuels efficiency within your CAD design process and facilitates both quality and accurate production of reinforcement detailing. AddoBAR works seamlessly with the world's leading CAD software, BricsCAD and Autodesk AutoCAD®. With AddoBAR, detailing is made simple. Inserting, scheduling and changing of bar properties have never been easier.

AddoBAR also supports 3D bar display mode, so no need to struggle with alternate means of rendering, constraint solving and clash detection, whilst utilising the powerful object-based tools CAD has to offer. AddoBAR is not only a powerful object-based, full 3D, detailing solution, it is also affordable, empowering you to create impressive rebar layouts that will land you that important client without breaking the bank.


- Free version for 10 or less bar entities
- Schedule window via palette
- Shape codes to SANS 282:2011 and BS 8666:2005 (Eurocode)
- Shape 99 compatible
- Clean layout with different tabs
- Schedule bars per members or Schedule total project
- Schedule tables written to Model Space
- Weight/Length calculation
- Alpha numeric sort
- Re-Member feature
- Re-Number feature
- Schedule table via own Table styles
- Zoom to Bar function
- Highlight bars
- Copy schedule table to clipboard
- Live bars, changes in schedule reflected on drawing and vice versa
- Auto update feature