ReCap Pro

Reality capture and 3D scanning software

About ReCap Pro

ReCap® Pro software helps designers and engineers capture high quality, detailed models of real-world assets. Use ReCap Pro to:


  • Understand and verify existing conditions and as-built assets to gain insights and make better decisions
  • Deliver a point cloud or mesh in support of BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes and collaborate across teams with real-world context
  • Survey, plan, construct, and renovate building and infrastructure projects

Top ReCap Features

Reduce errors and build with confidence

Gain critical insights that help you make better decisions.


Work with rich and accurate digital models

Capture existing conditions throughout the full project lifecycle.

Support for BIM processes

Streamline workflows by integrating with design tools.

Whats New In ReCap Pro

Enhance insights with reality capture data

Use laser scans and photographs to generate accurate intelligent models that support a wide range of use cases in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

Quickly generate survey-grade 3D models

Use ReCap Photo, a service of ReCap Pro, to generate geo-located textured meshes, point clouds, and ortho-photos of existing conditions from drone or UAV-captured data.

Manage and visualize point clouds in the cloud

Easily, store, search, and share reality capture data anytime, anywhere with the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Bundled in a collection

Save when you buy ReCap Pro bundled in a collection. 

Be ready for anything with a full set of BIM tools

Get an essential set of tools, including Revit and AutoCAD, at a great price. And with access to over a dozen more tools, you can try new workflows or projects.

Easier software and license management

Eliminate the headache of managing multiple product licenses. Get insights on product use. Easily download, install, and use as many products within the collection as you want, whenever you like.

Access the latest and previous releases

Ensure software compatibility with all team members by accessing previous versions when you need them. Stay current with the latest releases. Deploy updates whenever you want.

Choose access for individuals or teams

Choose between subscriptions that provide single-user access for an individual or permit teams to share licenses with multi-user access.

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