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Business Development Manager – Manufacturing

Problem-solving and architecting solutions that meet current & future business needs and goals, coupled with a competitive spirit, renders Jethson a significant asset in the cut-throat, complex Manufacturing environment.

With over 16 years of experience in CAD/CAM consulting, Jethson’s strength of identifying impactful process management solutions from Drawing Office processes to document management has resulted in many significant efficiency and productivity gains amongst our clients.

Having completed an array of Autodesk certifications and having a firm understanding of multiple industry offerings, Jethson focuses on the client’s key business imperatives and solving their problems through robust, relevant digital transformation solutions.

His determination to live ‘his best life’ through an active lifestyle and embracing new experiences as well as his magnetic personality, make Jethson a person you want to engage with.

His Industry 4.0 expertise is underpinned by a drive to win, leading from the front and understanding the importance of his team to help our clients achieve optimal digital transformation.

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