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30th Jul 2018
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12th Aug 2018

Bridge Design Using Infraworks

This webinar was held on Friday 03 August 2018, and was hosted by Shuaib Yunos


On Friday 3rd August 2018, we hosted a webinar which looked at Bridge Design using Autodesk Infraworks. Autodesk Infraworks is a conceptual design software used by professionals across multiple disciplines. Engineers use this software for road design, structural bridge design as well as drainage design, whereas architects, designers, bidders and other personnel utilise Its amazing rendering engine to portray design intent, win bids and facilitate client buy-in. This webinar focused on the bridge design functionality aspect of Infraworks, which resulted in the successful modelling of a bridge.

Learning objectives of the webinar:

• Apply Infraworks in the workflow of a project lifecycle
• Utilise the bridge design tools to generate a bridge design model
• View & customise bridge components
• Harness the power of connected BIM using cloud computing for analysis

Infraworks – What is it?

For those who had not heard of Infraworks (where have you been?) or those who did but did not know exactly what it entailed, we explained what Infraworks is and its relevance in design Industry.

Infraworks in the Workflow

Once we understood what Infraworks was, we then looked at its position and role in a workflow for Bridge Design, as well as an overview of its capabilities.

Modelling a bridge in Infraworks

After understanding where Infraworks fits in the bridge project design workflow, we modelled a bridge from start to finish, starting with the positioning of the road alignment, followed by modelling and defining the actual bridge itself, and then using the line girder analysis cloud computing functionality to perform structural analysis on the bridge, resulting in a report of the analysis.

Meet the Speaker

Shuaib Yunos

Meet Shuaib, your go-to-guy for anything technology and services related to this industry.

In addition to being at the technological heartbeat of the design process, he is a Civil Engineering Design Technician and is affiliated with ECSA, SAICE, as well asSAID. His civil engineering consultancy background ranges in the fields of Roads & Stormwater, Civil & Structural, as well as Water Engineering, the bulk of his design experience being in Road design.

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