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Baker Baynes i-adobt Solution

Our Unique Approach to Ensure the Successful Adoption of Technology Within the Organisations of our Customers.

About i-adobt

Being a successful engineering or design organisation requires a balance of the correct technology, the correct resources and the correct usage of the technology and resources. It is important for organisations to acknowledge the importance of successful technology adoption and it is our responsibility as your technology partner to ensure that the technology of choice is being used properly to further your investment.

How We Help Your Transformation

Our Consulting Approach

Baker Baynes has a unique and comprehensive approach to the way that we do business with our customers. Our approach focuses on providing services to our customers that ensure the full adoption of the software solutions that they choose.


We assess the current state of your organization, project, team & process.

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We believe in blended learning that is scalable and customizable to suit your organization, teams & projects.

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Our specialist consultants work with you to ensure effective people & processes, packaged either as once off transactions or as a complete journey

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Change Management

Real transformation & change occur when one engages in the full i- adopt framework. Embedding change is best done in a phased approach, we suggest pilot projects.

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