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What is the ‘Extraordinary Women in BIM Campaign’?

Baker Baynes proudly presents the ‘Extraordinary Women in BIM’ campaign, a remarkable initiative aimed at spotlighting the exceptional contributions of female Built Professionals in the dynamic realm of the digital built environment. This campaign seeks to celebrate the women who are making transformative strides in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and are driving innovation in the Built environment through their ground-breaking work.

Why is Baker Baynes initiating this Campaign?

At Baker Baynes, we are committed to fostering innovation, diversity, and excellence in the field of architecture and construction. We recognise that women are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the built environment, particularly in the realm of BIM and digital transformation. By launching this campaign, we aim to highlight and honour these trailblazing women who are leading the charge with their visionary contributions.

What will the nominated winner of the ‘Extraordinary Woman in BIM’ campaign win?

The ‘Extraordinary Women in BIM’ campaign is not only a celebration but also an opportunity to recognise and reward the outstanding achievements of a female Built Professional. The winning nominee will be featured in a dedicated story that showcases her inspiring journey, achievements, and impact on the industry, to be flighted in media and our social media and digital platforms, offering incredible exposure to her BIM talents. As part of this recognition, the winner will be treated to a professional photoshoot, ensuring her accomplishments are captured in style.

But that’s not all – we understand the importance of continuous learning and professional development. The nominator of the winning nominee will receive a valuable CADLearning CPD Bundle for Autodesk Revit and an annual subscription to CADLearning, offering access to a wealth of knowledge across over 40 Autodesk platforms through 35,000 tutorials. As Revit Fundamentals training is CPD accredited, the winner will have an opportunity to earn CPD points, verified by SACAP, upon completion of their online training.

Key Attributes for Nomination

To nominate an exceptional woman for the ‘Extraordinary Women in BIM’ campaign, consider the following key attributes:

1. Transformative Characteristics: How does the nominee exemplify qualities that drive change, innovation, and progress in the field of BIM and digital construction?
2. Success in Embracing BIM: What notable achievements demonstrate the nominee’s successful use of BIM to enhance project outcomes and workflows?
3. Leadership in BIM Adoption: How has the nominee taken a leadership role in advocating for and driving the adoption of BIM practices within projects and organisations?
4. Real-World BIM Project Experience: Provide examples of the nominee’s practical experience in executing BIM projects that showcase the practical application of digital technologies.
5. BIM Champion: In what ways does the nominee stand out as a champion of BIM, inspiring others through expertise and dedication to the field?

Nominations close : 31 August 2023
Winner will be announced: 15 September 2023

Meet Our Esteemed Panel of Judges

Our ‘Extraordinary Women in BIM’ campaign wouldn’t be possible without the expertise and guidance of our esteemed panel of judges, each a prominent figure in the world of BIM and digital transformation.

Jani Viljoen

Jani Viljoen

BIM Counsellor and Professional Services Director, Baker Baynes

Jani Viljoen is a visionary leader known for her strategic guidance and technical prowess in the realm of BIM. As Baker Baynes’ Professional Services Director, she has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to transform the way the building industry embraces digital innovation.

Calayde Davey

Dr. Calayde Davey

Senior Lecturer, Dept of Architecture, UP

Dr. Calayde Davey’s involvement in platforms like BIMCommunity and BIMHarambee highlights her dedication to driving industry-wide transformation. As a Senior Lecturer, she brings her valuable insights to the academic world, inspiring the next generation of architects.

Anien Nauta

Anien Nauta

Senior BIM Model Coordination Manager, AECOM

Anien Nauta is a highly accomplished Senior BIM Model Coordination Manager at AECOM, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of Building Information Modelling. With a passion for utilising technology to streamline construction processes, Anien has been at the forefront of driving BIM adoption within projects.

Lilanie Lotter

Lilanie Lotter

BIM Manager, Capex Projects

Lilanie Lotter, the BIM Manager at Capex Projects, has embraced technology as a driving force in her architectural career. Her transformation from an aspiring architect to a “Tech-Savvy BIM Queen” showcases the profound impact of technology on shaping roles within the industry.

Nominations close : 31 August 2023

Winner will be announced : 15 September 2023

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