11th May 2018
Whats New in Infraworks 2018.2

Webinar: Infraworks 2018.2

Webinar: Infraworks 2018.2 Infraworks is a conceptual design software used by professionals across multiple disciplines. Engineers use this software for road design, structural bridge design as […]
18th September 2017
AutoCAD Civil 3D Surface Creation

Webinar: Surface Creation with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Webinar: Surface Creation with AutoCAD Civil 3D Design better civil infrastructure with AutoCAD Civil 3D AutoCAD Civil 3D Overview AutoCAD Civil 3D software supports BIM (Building […]
27th July 2017
Water Engineering Challenge

Water Engineering Challenge and How It Can Be Overcome

Water Engineering Challenge The Designing Buildings Wiki defines water engineering as “designing in the realm of risk.” Here, we want to explore this notion – Why, […]
19th July 2017
Theater that rebuilds itself

Sustainable Civil Engineering Trends

In Our Common Future by The Brundtland Commission, the term ‘sustainable development’ was coined and defined as “the development that meets the needs of the present […]
12th June 2017
thermal imaging for data capture

Thermal imaging: a civil engineering revolution

As early as 1828, Thomas Tredgold defined the field of civil engineering in terms that still resonate today. “Civil engineering is the art of directing the […]
5th June 2017
building cities with drones

How civil engineers use drone-mounted cameras

Site inspections can be challenging tasks. With large areas to survey, and high structures to scale, it can be hard to gather a comprehensive view of […]
29th May 2017
Infrastructure Model

Understanding Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Understanding Building Information Modelling (BIM) Imagine if your designs  … could talk. Imagine if roads could tell you where to put them. Or if sewage systems […]
22nd May 2017
Civil Engineering Trends

Civil Engineering Trends: What to expect in 2017

Civil Engineering Trends, What is civil engineering?  ‘The planning, design and construction of the physical world.’ This succinct sentence from Baker Bayne’s WC Head of Sales, […]
15th May 2017
Road Design

Webinar: Basic Intersection Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D

  Basic Intersection Design with AutoCAD Civil 3D A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity […]