Autodesk Platinum Club winner 2018

Company wins award for Subscription-based Growth

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 13th March 2018 - Baker Baynes (PTY) Ltd, the largest Autodesk Gold Partner in Africa helping customers in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Process Plant, Energy & Mining industries design a better world, celebrates their first ever Autodesk Platinum Club award.

The announcement at the Autodesk One Team Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, makes them the youngest Autodesk Partner in Africa to be honoured with this award. They are being recognised for the highest subscription-growth rates in the EMEA Africa region.

“When we started Baker Baynes, almost exactly three years ago, we started with a vision – to create the best Autodesk Partner organization possible. This award is proof that we are on track to building a business that truly adds value to our clients – helping them design a better world”.

Baker Baynes has achieved phenomenal growth rates in the past 3 years since its inception on 31 March 2015. This achievement proves that they are capable and passionate about providing customers with the highest levels of efficiency, competitiveness and innovation. Their incredible growth can be attributed to the extent of the experience that exists and is spread across the entire team of 19 staff members, including Autodesk certified experts, qualified engineers and architects.

About Baker Baynes (PTY) Ltd
Baker Baynes serves a select ecosystem of asset-intensive customers, across the full asset lifecycle in our chosen industries (AEC Buildings, AEC Civil Infrastructure, Product Design & Digital Manufacturing and Process Plant, Energy & Mining). Backed by global technology brands, we bring best practices, products and skills to South Africa, delivering profitable outcomes for our clients where we experience some of the most complex and unique challenges in delivering basic human needs like clean water, sustainable power and a transport system that supports rapid urbanization. Baker Baynes brings people, process and technology together, improving efficiency in the asset ecosystem. Through our i-adopt consulting methodology, the team believe deeply in helping customers adopt their technology through a comprehensive approach of assessing, educating and consulting with their broad spectrum of customers.

Baker Baynes is a provider of computer-aided design technology and related technical services.

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